Secure Ideas is a security-consulting firm focused on improving security within organizations. We offer a number of security services that include web application penetration testing, mobile application testing, network penetration testing, social engineering, social networking assessment, presentations and briefings. Secure Ideas has also recently released MySecurityScanner which is a subscription-based service for assessing web applications and network security.

Secure Idea's group of security consultants has spent years researching various exploits and vulnerabilities, building toolsets, and helping organizations secure their networks. These experiences are brought into our security assessments to benefit your organizations.

From open-source projects such as SamuraiWTF and Weaponized Flash, to training classes such as Security 542 from SANS, Secure Ideas is involved in all facets of security programs. Our goal is to improve your organization's security posture.

Please contact us at info@secureideas.net to discuss how Secure Ideas can assist your organization.

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